Rinze Joustra - Master Mariner

Some things I can make for your fine ship.

Draft survey and stability programs in Excel, drawing of the hold to scale to make stowage plans...

I just need a stability booklet (scanned, digital). Then IŽll make a handy draft survey program in excel.
You just fill in the drafts, ballast amounts etc. and the program calculates automatically the constant and the amount of cargo
(using the incorperated hydrostatic data).


Example of a draft survey program in excel


I could also make a stability program in excel.

You fill in the weight, VCG etc. of the cargo, together with the amount of ballast etc., and the program
calculates automatically the drafts, the stability curve and checkes if the stability requirements are complied with.



When I sail on a ship, I used to make a drawing to scale of the hold in order to make nice stowage plans, if demanded.
This gives always a good impression  on the time charterer and/or receivers..


Example of a stowage plan with a cargo of pipes.


Before I sign off I used to make a  "hand over manual" of  about 20 till 40 pages with all kind of usefull information
(what I learned and gathered during my term).

My opinion is that information should be shared amongst colleagues.

Just the index of one of the manuals I have made:




Rinze Joustra

  Master Mariner & Computer Programmer

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