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--Do not make war, but play Matego with a friend and improve your math!

-Try this new and unique educational game....

Rules of the game--- --

Matego is played by two players. Each player has an army with numbers. One player plays at the left side of the screen and the other player plays at the right side of the screen.

If you play with another player, you must try to eliminate all the numbers in the army of your opponent before he or she has eliminated all of your own numbers. If you play against the computer, the goal is to eliminate as much as numbers as you can and to do this as fast as possible.

You play in the following way:

Move the cursor up or down-

Move the cursor, the small blue or red square, to the line where you want to attack.
Down under in the play-screen (in the shields) you'll see the keys that you can use. If you play, for example, at the right side and you use the standard keys, you move up with:[]
and down with: [] (the up and down cursor keys).

Make a sum with the numbers of your opponent-

Then you make the number in the cursor equal to the sum of the first two numbers "at the
other side"; as in the example below.

The standard key to increase the number in the cursor is: [ ]
and to decrease the number: [] (the right and left cursor keys).

Fire when the sum is right-

If the sum is correct you "fire". The standard key for the player at the right side for this is: [Enter]. The two numbers at the other side will then disappear.

After that you move the cursor again up or down to another line, you make the number in
the cursor again equal to the sum of the two numbers at the other side and you fire. In this
way you continue till you have destroyed all the numbers of your opponent.

Do not make any error!-

Take care... If you fire and the sum isn't right, then two numbers of your own army will disappear!

Calculate as fast as possible!-

Also you must play as fast as possible, because in the meanwhile your
opponent is attacking your number-army!


You win when your opponent has no more numbers left in his army. If you play against the
computer you will then proceed to a higher level.

High Scores -----

At last the computer will be so smart and so fast that it will be not possible any longer to manage. But if you have calculated rapidly, surely you will be able to write your name into the High Scores! Your score will then be calculated depending of the amount of numbers you have destroyed, the time you have been playing and the level you have reached.

An experienced player will get the highest score by starting to play in a relatively high level and is therefore not obliged to work through all the lower levels.

Extra rules of the game-

1) If a player only has left one horizontal line with numbers, then he or she will not be able to do anything any longer and has actually already lost. This rule avoids a standstill of the game, because without this rule a player could all the time increase and decrease his last number and the other player could never manage to destroy it.

2) Another rule that resembles this: If you move your cursor to a line where already the cursor of your opponent is placed, then you will not be able to do anything in this line. This is also to avoid a standstill of the game, because without this rule a player could also all the time increase and decrease the number in the line where the other player tries to attack and the game would not proceed.

Subtractions, multiplications and divisions are also possible-

Experienced players can also use some more arithmetic operations.

Add all the numbers:

Divide the first and the second number:

Multiply the first and the second number:

Subtract the first and the second number:

Regrouping of the number-armies-

When both players cannot attack any longer while they still have a number-army, then their
numbers will be moved in such a way that after that the game can proceed.

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