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11.8 Confinement of positive ions and electrons with a static electromagnetic field

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Fig. 1. Experiment 11.22


Magnetic field = 1,6 tesla.
The spheres have been placed a little bit farther away, in order to be able to stop the D+ ions.
500 D+ ions and  500  electrons are generated in the centre region with random speeds up to 3,8 E6 m/s (!).

The electrons are well confined in the centre of the simulation space.
For fusion to occur the mean speed of the deuterium ions must be about 2E6 m/s (see: when_do_deuterium_ions_fuse ).
Here the D+ ions stay confined even with speeds rather larger than this.
In the simulation we can not generate a lot more than 500 particles. In a real experiment the electrons confined in the centre perhaps form a virtual cathode that will atract the D+ ions and  improve our SEM fusor!


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