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If you want to participate, please send us your name, the level and amount of points, and the operation ( +, -, x, : ).

Not necessary, but if you want, you can also send us your age, country, and perhaps your website (or the website of your school).

As a proof, please send us a screenshot or a (digital) foto of the "High Scores" of Valgetal .

Do you belong to the best number 20, then you will appear in the list of best players.

You can make a "Screenshot" in the following way:

Start Valgetal-> go to  "High Scores" -> press [Print Screen] to copy the screen to the clipboard -> start Word-> New document -> press Shift] [Insert] to paste the screen from the clipboard-> save the document -> start your Email program (Outlook)-> send us the document as an attachment with your Email

We are looking forward to your message.....

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