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   (nuclear fusion possible in a easy way?

Confinement of positive ions and electrons with a static electric and magnetic field

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Valgetal newest version 3.3
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Valsetup.exe 766 kb, Windows, multi language
Valgetal msdos version 2.4 54 kb, Msdos, no install, multi language
Valgebra Valgebra .zip 41 kb, Msdos, no install, multi language
Matsetup.exe 861 kb, Windows, multi language
MatsetupWin8.exe , Windows 64 bits
Eurobloks Ebsetup.exe, 374 kb, Windows, multi language
Valgetal Tables Valtsetup.exe, 372 kb, Windows 64 bits, multi language
Valgetal Tables Vltsetup.exe, 314 kb, Windows 34 bits, multi language
Powers of Ten, 51 kb, Msdos, no install, in English
Potencias de Diez, 50 kb, Msdos, no install, en español
Machten van Tien, 54 kb, Msdos, geen install, in Nederlands
ABCFormule, 72 kb, Msdos, geen install, in Nederlands
Linear Equations, 73 kb, Msdos, no install, in English
EersteGraadsVergelijkingen, 71 kb, Msdos, geen install, in Nederlands

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